The Blue Mountains is definitely worth a day trip if you are visiting Sydney. About 1.5 hours outside of Central Sydney, the Blue Mountains are densely populated by oil bearing Eucalyptus trees. When droplets of oil from the trees combine with dust particles and water vapor, the result is a blue-looking horizon.

Taking a day-trip can be expensive if done through a tour company – about $175/USD per person, so it might be worth it to rent a car, instead. The tour I took also included a few other side stops, such as Featherdale Zoo (where visitors can feed kangaroos and pose with koala bears), the Three Sisters (see image below), and an Aboriginal-focused play.

There is a cable-car ride that goes from one side of the Blue Mountains to the other, supposedly an astonishing/scary experience as part of the car has a glass bottom. Unfortunately, weather did not cooperate and the view was hidden by thick clouds – though it did clear up once we got to the other side!

Here are some images of the experience:

What’s out there? Hard to tell. The Three Sisters



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A Weekend Getaway in Batam

by Vitra on March 15, 2015 · 0 comments

One of my favorite things about Singapore is its’ proximity to so many interesting destinations. This weekend, Hubby and I decided to take a weekend getaway to Batam. Situated 12 miles off of Singapore’s south coast, the island is part of Indonesia.

It took us about an hour to get there via speedboat from Singapore’s Harbourfront. We left around 10:30am on Saturday morning, spent the night at a spa resort, and left Sunday at 2:30pm.

Admittedly, we were bad tourists. Our resort arranged pickup from the airport, as well as drop off on Sunday. We did not tour around the island, although there was a golf course directly across from the hotel. (The island has numerous golf courses, and people from Singapore will make the trip to play in Batam as it is much cheaper.)

Here are some pics from our 28 hour trip:

View of Singapore from Speedboat on the way to Batam View of Singapore from Speedboat on the way to Batam


MASSIVE Cargo ship seen on the way to Batam MASSIVE Cargo ship seen on the way to Batam


The epitome of a weekend getaway! POOL TIME The epitome of a weekend getaway! POOL TIME


I thought being restricted to Saturday/Sunday trips was going to be a downer, but actually – it seems like there are many places around Singapore to take short trips. Looking forward to the next one!

Where is your favorite place to take a weekend getaway?


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